Sanatorium (2012)

It is blue-collar workers who usually come to the sanatorium in Sverdlovsk’s region. Vouchers to that sanatorium are given to them so they can have a rest after working hard during a year, or to have a treatment of chronicle diseases. They come here without families, sometimes with colleagues, sometimes alone.

Most of these people are ordinary hard-working women such as workers, house painters, cooks.

They live in a castle-like building, dress to kill every evening, dance and sing at an amateur’s concert.
They could also meet a “prince” if they are lucky. It does not matter that he is not a prince at all, just a fake…
Everything has to end someday and this fairy-tale will also be over in two weeks. Their carriage will turn into pumpkin, and they will return to a problem family life, a husband, who is drank every day and their old flat full of solitude.