Dfa 2020

I am happy to be one of the six finalists of the 3rd Online Portfolio Walk of German Photographic Academy: Alina Simmelbauer, Hannes Jung, Jörg Gläscher, Natalya Reznik, Sima Cz, Uwe Krella. My project “The Old World” about beauty in old age has been selected by the jury. One of the portraits from this series is also selected for the announcement of the next round of the photo walk. Enjoy discovering the great selection at this link.

Member of the jury Ingo Taubhorn about the project “The Old World”:

“With her portraits, which are reminiscent of classic poses of Italian painting and could perhaps be called a half-portrait of an elegant lady, Reznik creates an incredible intensity that blurs the balance between closeness and distance. She describes her motivation to photograph this series of portraits as follows: “I’m trying to imagine what our society could look like in 30 or 50 years?” We all know that older people rarely appear in our media landscape and when, in terms of old age poverty or Illness. Not so with Reznik. She celebrates with light, color, pose and detail, elegant women who do not hide their traces of an eventful life story and celebrate their present life with grace and pride. “This project wants to look for a new kind of beauty for the future,” says Reznik. She succeeded brilliantly, thanks to her empathy and clever use of photo technology and thanks to these strong women.”